What is the TLC Appeal?

The simple objective is for Freemasons to provide teddy bears and soft toys to Paediatric Emergency Departments, for the medical staff to give, at their discretion, to children admitted who are in severe distress and where the staff feel that a teddie or soft toy to cuddle will help alleviate the stress and assist them in their work.

Is this a Public appeal?

As a charity, we do not turn down donations from others who see the benefits of the idea, but over 99% of the money needed is being donated by Freemasons.

Do the children keep the teddy?

Yes, they take the teddie home.

How much of the appeal money goes on administration?

Absolutely nothing, time and facilities are donated.

We do spend less than 1% on fund-raising and PR, but every penny of the remainder is used to purchase the teddies or urgently needed paediatric equipment for Emergency Departments.

How many teddies are involved?

Since the Appeal was founded more than ONE MILLION teddies have been distributed across Ireland, England and Wales.

Can I donate my old teddies to the appeal?

Much as we would love to accept donations of teddies, we can’t. Our teddies are subject to Emergency Department infection control standards and restrictions, so the ones we use are specially designed and made. Each TLC Teddie presented to a child is clean and brand new, and theirs to keep and bring home.

You might consider donating your teddies to another children’s charity, or holding an auction for the TLC Appeal and donating any money raised.

What if I have some other questions? Or would like to donate?

You can contact us at  tweddie@tlcappeal.ie